about kate


In the summer of 1985 I embarked on a journey with 78 magical Tarot images as my guide. These 78 cards that combined art, poetry, spirit and timeless wisdom called to me, like the Tarot Fool, to leap in. I had no idea where this journey would take me. My work as a Tarot reader evolved naturally out of my love for these ancient images and how they spoke to me. This journey has taken many interesting twists and turns and now over twenty years later I continue to be delighted and amazed by the wisdom these ancient Tarot images hold and still love sharing this work with others.  Each Tarot reading opens the door to imagination, possibility and spirit. What I offer in a reading is a space for your whole self to be seen and heard, a space where the Tarot cards provide us with pathways to our own inner knowing

Kate Greenway brings over twenty years of tarot expertise to the art of being an intuitive reader. Her work with clients has evolved throughout the years to include wisdoms from many cultural traditions she has studied in addition to Tarot. Kate has been a popular Tarot reader at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival since 1989 and was featured in an article on top Twin Cities psychics and readers in the October 2006 issue of Metro magazine. Her approach to each client is a unique blend of insight, wisdom and warmth combined with a welcoming down to earth manner that assures those seeking help will receive it.