People often ask, “What is a Tarot reading and why get one?” I see a Tarot reading as a conversation between you, the client, myself and the invisible world. That world has many names; Spirit, Goddess or God, Great Mystery, Soul. The images that come up in a Tarot reading provide us with the means to delve more deeply into that conversation. A Tarot reading can give you greater insight into your own inner life and its impact on your outer world. Most people come for a reading because they are looking for guidance and help with their life.

Often I suggest certain actions I think might be helpful for you to take in your life after you leave the reading. At the end of a session I usually recommend when it would be appropriate to return but I also make sure that fits with what you need.

One hour session: $85 includes a lovely cup of tea.
Phone readings are available.


Want to add something fun and different to your next party? I can come to your home, business, or party space. I can come in costume (gypsy flair) if you like. All you need to provide is a table and chairs and the guests. I will discuss what you are looking for and provide the kind of service that will best fit your needs.

Birthday parties, holiday parties, graduations, bridal showers and bachelorette parties, women and wine parties, social club gatherings, corporate functions, anniversaries, whatever reason you can think of to have a party. For additional ideas see classes.